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Welcome to my photography page "Our Planet"! Thanks for visiting! To start, I will briefly explain what you will find on these pages.

Resulting from my passion for water drop photography, I have started to take macro shots of plants and animals, of which you find a selection on this homepage.

A great hobby of mine has always been travelling, hence you will find many pictures taken at different locations all over the world (places and animals). One of my favourite subjects has always been the long exposure photography at night (as you can already see in the title picture of Hong Kong).

Recently, I have also started with two multi-shot techniques: HDR and focus stacking. In HDR (high dynamic range), several pictures taken of the same subject but with different exposure times are combined to increase the dynamic range of the shot. In focus stacking, several pictures with different focus are combined to create a picture with increased depth of focus (especially important in macro/micro photography).

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages. Please let me know of any broken links or other problems you should encountere. Of course, I will also be glad hearing about what photos you like most. Please use my contact page for that purpose.

Picture of the Month

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